Monday, August 23, 2010


You know, wedding planning was a lot more fun when it was a theoretical wedding and I was the only one planning it.  Things get complicated when people and money are involved.  S. and I agree on a lot of important things about our wedding - it's about our commitment, and sharing that in a fantastic party with our family and friends.  Things we don't agree on?  The planning process.   Here is S. in the role of CPA while I play Typical Excited Bride.

S. - "How much does that cost?"
Me - "I don't know.  I'll call and find out.  What kind of colors do you like?"
S. - "Colors?  What are you talking about?  What do we need colors for?"
Me - "Because that's like, the second step of wedding planning.  I like green and gray."
S. - "Why?  Where do the colors go?  How much does that cost?"
Me - "Nothing, it's just a unifying concept.  What do you think of this invitation?"
S. - "It's fine.  But what is the point of planning all of this without numbers?"
Me - "'s fun? We get to decide on things together?"
S. - "Talk to me when you have numbers."
Me - goes to read wedding porn

Yeah.  That's pretty much how our wedding discussions go.

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  1. So true. Planning a wedding by yourself = easy. Planning a wedding w/ the boy, family, + his family = bottle of excedrin. have fun and don't sweat the small details! And tell SteveO ideas are free :) Charger plates on the other hand are not!