Friday, July 23, 2010

Beside the point

I ran across an article in the Rocky Mountain Bride magazine that made me snort my coffee.  Entitled "Bridal Blush," the article advises brides to start "address[ing] any issues you have with your skin" at least three months prior to the wedding day.  Apparently, your next wedding vendor needs to be an esthetician because "all eyes (and cameras!) are on you."  Because clearly, there is not enough media attention paid to female beauty.
It seems that weddings are often marketed as an opportunity for self-criticism - as in, these are the things you must fix/buy before you get married.  You will be beautiful on your wedding day because you'll be out of your mind with happiness, excitement, and the love of family and friends. 
Guess what causes acne and skin irritation?  Stress.  And stress comes from...finding an esthetician three months before your wedding.  Holy cow.

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  1. I whole heartedly agree. Too much pressure befalls the bride to look just so, and the internal pressure is likely the worst. I admit I sucumbed to this pressure prior to my day. However, as a happily married one month ago bride I say, drink water the wedding week, sleep the week of the wedding and hire a very good make up artist. Also, you are so happy the day of - who cares about blemishes? We as a society should spend more time thinking about the marriage ahead then the imperfections the day of. From one Sarah to another - holy cow! ;)

    I never blog. That was fun!